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“How confident are you that potential hazards and risks associated with your latest project, asset, or piece of equipment have been identified with control mechanisms put in place?”

You may have heard of or even been part of a Risk Workshop throughout your years as a safety professional. As you may then well know, it is a necessary training workshop to increase awareness of WHS issues in the workplace. This article will provide an overview on how a Risk Workshop will help keep your people safe and well.

How does it work?

A Risk Workshop brings together key stakeholders to discuss and solve issues in an open and live environment. A facilitator directs people through a structured Risk Workshop approach that is tailored to your organisation’s issues and Operational Risk Profile.

Generally run over one to three days, the environment is designed to help your people control and manage any risks that have been identified. Whether you are after compliance or a best practice solution, the process will help you control your risks in-line with your Risk Appetite.

When Should I Hold a Risk Workshop?

A Workshop can be conducted under the following circumstances:

  • When a new piece of equipment or plant is being purchased, commissioned, or maintained.
  • Prior to a new project commencing – such as a Project Risk Assessment or a Safe Design Risk Assessment.
  • Where processes or systems are creating unsafe work environments, wasting time, or any other issues.
  • Following an incident occurring at your workplace.
  • Any other time that it would be beneficial to get your people together in a controlled and open environment to solve problems.

GCG is committed to helping you keep your people safe. GCG operates with a comprehensive Project Management Model which runs on the principle of delighting you, the client. GCG’s capable consultants will take you through the process, from scoping the project through to analysing the report issued upon completion of the Risk Workshop.

In regards to facilitating the Risk Workshops, GCG’s Consultants will ensure that:

  • A clear process for the day is communicated and agreed upon.
  • Equal representation of stakeholders is maintained.
  • Sensitive issues are managed with tact and consideration.
  • A solution is agreed upon for any issues identified.

Call or email us to discuss how we can help you. We look forward to eliminating or reducing risks and solving any issues pertaining to your business.

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