About Hearing Protection Fit Test

Hearing protection fit testing is undertaken to ensure the hearing protective equipment (HPE) is appropriate for the worker and the type of work involved. The selection of hearing protection should be in compliance with the requirements of AS/NZS 1270 Acoustics – Hearing protectors. A proper fit of the HPE enables an adequate seal from a noisy environment. HPE provides protection for workers that are potentially exposed to excessive noise levels.

Under the AS/NZS 1269.3:2005 Occupational noise management “the fitting of a suitable hearing protector should be undertaken by an appropriately trained person with substantial knowledge of hearing protection”. An inappropriate fit can lead to a poor level of protection, compromising the effectiveness of the protective gear and potentially exposing workers to harmful levels of noise.

Hearing Protection Fit Testing for ear plugs will be undertaken using the FitCheck Solo™. Prior to testing, employees will be taken through some basic training inclusive of hearing protection use, fitting, fit check, cleaning, storage and disposal.

Should a test fail, re-testing will be undertaken following additional information and training by GCG. This may include the use of an alternate type of hearing protection.

Note: Fit test records are only valid one year from the date of test

Services we provide

  • In-house Hearing Protection Fit Testing
  • Onsite Hearing Protection Fit Testing (Available for large groups)
  • Earplug Fit Testing


Perth Fit Tests are undertaken at: Level 12, 99 St Georges Terrace St, Perth WA 6000. Tel: 08 9325 2784.

Brisbane Fit Tests are undertaken at: 7/34 Navigator Place, Hendra QLD 4011. Tel: 07 3216 4897.

Townsville Fit Tests are undertaken at: 2c/125 Dalrymple Road, Garbutt QLD 4814. Tel: 07 4725 0659.

Lorn Fit Tests are undertaken at: Unit 4, 46-50 Belmore Rd, Lorn NSW 2320. Tel: 07 4725 0659.

For group bookings and bookings in other states, send an enquiry or call us at 1300 424 474. Schedule Appointment

Why choose GCG?

From a business perspective, GCG recognises the emphasis to run business operations smoothly to ensure companies benefit from continued operations and profit gain. A lack of both safety and hygiene planning at the workplace can ensue challenges around the workflow and possibly allow long-term health effects at your company. This is why the Consultants at GCG take pride in producing quality yet effective work to ensure clients hold a clear advantage – to commence operations as per usual and to keep the issue contained and/or eliminated. The main part of the job is to figure out the clients’ requirements based on size, scope, location, and budget to fully understand what is expected. GCG’s hygiene consultants are professionals in the industry who are certified with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH)

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