Providing a Valuable Resource to the Resources Industry

We provide essential support for a vast array of major clients across the resources industry, including Mining (open-cut coal mines, heavy metal mines, and quarries), and Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore oil/gas facilities).

Our experience within these services has led us to identify many common hazards frequented in operations and maintenance. By nature of the industry these hazards are likely to remain prevalent for the indefinite future.

Vigilance, education, and changes in legislation will drive necessary change and focus relating to WHS within the resources sector.

  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring (dust, noise, and other emissions).
  • Risk-based Hygiene Management Plan (RBHMP) development (operation area awareness, fire or explosion, gas leaks, spontaneous combustion, and subsidence).
  • Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan (PMHMP) development (ground or strata failure, inundation or inrush of substances, and shaft and winding systems).
  • WHS and Hygiene Systems Auditing.

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