Protecting our Defence Force and Industry from Occupational Health and Safety Risks

“Over the next two decades, we face greater security uncertainty and complexity,” so wrote Marise Payne, the Minister of Defence, in her introduction for the Australian Government’s 2016 White Paper. Whilst this was released was some time ago, uncertainty and complexity remain as constants in our world.  GCG works direct to the Australian Defence Force on a number of health and safety projects and is part of the Standing Panel for Occupational Health & Safety (Including Occupational Hygiene).
Along with working directly for the Department of Defence reguarly, GCG currently works with four of the Prime Contractors on a wide variety of scopes
We do this by first gaining a complete understanding of the situation that our defence client is working within (our own take on situational awareness). We have a strong history and background in defence and there are similarities across Australia, however, there are always some unique challenges and differences when it comes to the way work is done and the real risks that are inherent.
Our objective in working with Defence is to reduce uncertainty through science and make the complex components of what we do clear.

We have conducted the following scopes of work across multiple defence platforms and programs Health and Safety System development
  • Tailored to work with the DRM Framework
  • Suited to understand operational risk
Alignment of processes between System Program Offices and Prime Contractors
  • Supporting CASG and simplifying health and safety aspects of work and contract
Life-cycle management of problematic substances
  • Identification assessment to determine potential chronic health issues
  • Controlling chemical risk in a dynamic workplace
Occupational hygiene risk management for problematic substances
  • Establishing a baseline through monitoring
  • Determination of significant risk to health
  • Risk-based monitoring
Tailored training in health hazard awareness
  • Developed specifically for defence related scenarios and delivered by people who get it
Contract review and tender assistance for WHS response
  • Support to respond to specific governmental or Prime Contractor health and safety requests
We are proud to work alongside the members of the DOD, Prime Contractors, and various System Program Offices to establish and promote efficient practical solutions and meet contractual and legislative obligations.
We have recently completed scopes of work at the following Defence locations:

Our Industry Clients


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