Managing Chemical Risk in a Large Organisation

Identify practical yet compliant chemical risk management techniques

The Challenge

GCG was engaged by one of Australia’s Education branch to analyse and consolidate legislative requirements with onsite practices in order to provide a workable and tailored chemical management system that works for a large and diverse organisation. The goal was to ensure the management of chemical risk was proportional to the level of risk inherent at the Education branch.




The Solution

GCG utilised a hybrid auditing and investigation methodology to gather and investigate information relevant to the project. GCG methodically pulled chemical inventory information from a large number of disparate sized schools and then performed multiple analytical techniques on the dataset provided.  From chemical inventory information from 1,200+ schools, a curated list of approximately 2,500 individual hazardous chemical products (with specific chemical risks) was assessed for relevant information. Following that, GCG utilised an efficient onsite electronic based auditing program to assess compliance with internal requirements and inventory control. GCG’s consultants visited a number of schools to assess the variation between the onsite inventory and analysed inventory. Highly skilled professionals investigated schools in an efficient and methodical manner, deriving information from both auditing and targeted interviews to verify or reject trends identified in the data set. This human factor interface allowed for a more tailored and targeted solution to their chemical management needs.

By using a combination of hybrid qualitative and quantitative information gathering techniques, GCG was able to produce information on both current usage and handling patterns (including safe use and handling) and overall trends within the Education branch. From there GCG was able to identify and propose chemical risk management techniques that were legislatively compliant, practical, and workable.

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