Shaping lean WHS Management Systems around the core needs of your company

Exactly what constitutes a WHS Management System (WHSMS)?

While this is generally defined in AS4801 and the impending ISO45000:2016, the standards only provide a framework of the suggested components of a WHS Management System (WHSMS). The scope and scale of the WHSMS needs to provide the company and people operating within the system with an ability to safely complete their work in manner that ensures that compliance needs are met in a practical way.

GCG excel in this area. We have a proven track record of building lean WHS systems around the core needs of the company, whether it be from a compliance, accreditation or due diligence perspective.

We have also completed a number of projects to help clients ‘right-size and simplify’ their existing WHSMS through a methodical review process, based on removing unnecessary burden and consulting with key people to make sure that things that make their job hard to complete are reviewed and critically assessed. The balance between documented process, implementation and records within the system is key to the GCG approach.

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