Cause and Effect: The Anatomy of a Successful Engagement

Breaking Down What Works

We have a proven track record of success across a number of industries. These successes are hard-earned, and are the result of years of knowledge, dedication, sweat, nous, and collaborative working relationships… And, to be honest, the odd bit of good fortune.

Success is an organic term, as stable as a fault line – and as the nature of the workplace is forever changing, it can remain unpredictable unless closely governed. We wanted to share some of these successes as they provide a small insight into the processes and outcomes of the constantly shifting WHS landscape, and how best to address them.

We enjoy working with our clients, and any success can only be measured by the compatibility and transparency experienced with a dedicated and passionate client base.

In the case studies provided, we have detailed significant outcomes that may be applicable to you and your workplace.

If you have a particular interest in reading more case studies pertaining to your industry, or relating to a particular topic, please send us a request, and we will address your query when possible.

Hunter Valley Operations: 
Using Real-Time Monitoring to Control Dust Exposure

One of our open-cut mining clients utilised realtime monitoring to provide more detailed analysis of the levels of dust when workers conducted specific tasks, such as buffing heavy vehicle tyre rims.

Managing Chemical Risk in a Large Organisation

Evaluating the Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Australia

One of Australia’s primary health and safety Regulators were required to conduct a detailed review of the current guidance material available relating to the storage of hazardous chemicals. The goal was to determine if the current guidelines were adequate and practical to support the Australian Industry.

Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods – Simplifying the situation

One of Australia's largest Rail Operator needed assistance in understanding the cause of recurring unsatisfactory results ensuing from their hazardous chemical and dangerous goods assurance activities.

Dual Focus – The Health Risk Assessment and Task Analysis Project

One of our long term clients in the aerospace industry recently implemented a new and improved health program. As the company has over one-thousand employees, the scale and complexity of the program is considerable and requires careful planning and foresight.

Insurance and Building Remediation

Working with insurance and building companies involved in damaged structure claims can add complexity to an already challenging environment. Following a natural disaster in a remote location we are engaged to undertake assessment of a facility to determine the level of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) contamination and the subsequent level of risk.

Asbestos Containing Materials in Fires

An Australian Defence Force department building is extensively damaged in a fire requiring urgent remediation. We are contacted by the ADF and asked to promptly respond to the their needs, and to complete an asbestos survey and assessment report outlining the key remediation risks.

Multi-Building Removal and Demolition

A multi-national packaging company required assistance on a large scale asbestos removal and demolition project.

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