Why Use Area Real-Time Monitoring?

Real-time dust monitoring provides immediate information to monitor hazardous levels of dust and protect workers from exposure.

Prolonged exposure to dust in the workplace is a major health hazard, and can result in a range of health impacts, ranging from skin irritations to respiratory disorders.

GCG’s TechLab has developed an end-to-end solution for capturing realtime data about worker exposure to dust.

We’ve combined real-time dust monitoring technology with GCG’s knowledge and expertise to provide real time information on the presence of hazardous particulate in your operation.

Benefits of Area Real-Time Monitoring

√ Real Time Visualisation

√ Expert Support

√ Limit Production Impacts

√ Legislative Compliance

√ Easy Install & Maintenance

√ Secure Standalone Communication

√ Device Agnostic Solution

√ Opex Costing

How Does Area Monitoring Work in Realtime?

Our solution involves placing a boxed fixed-point dust monitor onsite in select locations.

The monitor will be located in a position to act as a:

1) feedback on control effectiveness, and/or

2) as an indicator of ambient condition that workers may be exposed to.

The unit sends indicative real-time respirable dust data to a web platform that GCG is able to provide remote analysis and reporting to site stakeholders. The device infers the mass of dust using a high capacity optical particle counter.

GCG will provide data analysis in a monthly report outlining potential worker exposure and insights. GCG Specialists analyse the real-time data and provide insights to minimise the risk to worker health and exposure.


Identify and Select a Fit for Purpose Device:


Visualise Data on GCG’s Web Platform:

Comms options:

– IOT standalone comms

– Wifi

– Onsite infrastructure

mockup of GCG TechLab's occupational hygiene and safety innovative Remote Monitoring Dasboard


Leverage Insights from GCG Experts:

On Demand Support


Monthly Reports

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