Enhancing the client’s experience with lab efficacy

GCG is committed to innovating for the future of health and safety; and as such, we put emphasis on our science division to offer a competitive advantage to valued clients.

GCG owns and operates three in-house laboratories that process the bulk of sample analysis obtained from occupational exposure monitoring. Our laboratory technicians are qualified and trained in personal exposure analysis, following NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) guidelines and strict GCG in-house manuals to produce consistent, reliable and traceable results.

GCG’s NATA accredited lab facilities

Townsville Laboratory

New South Wales Laboratory

Perth Laboratory


In the event analysis is required for a contaminant outside of GCG’s NATA accreditation, we have established partnerships with NATA accredited laboratories across Australia that have the ability to analyse samples according to strict procedures and deliver with efficiency.

On average, we process over 25,000 personal samples each year…

Secure and quick access to your exposure data

The occupational exposure monitoring data collected are updated on our GRS software, providing a platform for a more streamlined internal process. This allows clients to access data in real-time by removing the need to duplicate sampling information. GRS data can be uploaded into other commercial software platforms such as Medgate®, SAP®, and Cintellate®.

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