The Science of Safety

GCG owns and operates multiple laboratories in-house. We invest deeply in our science division, and are leaders in analysis and technological developments across the WHS industry.

Our team of highly skilled laboratory technicians are experts in personal exposure monitoring and analysis. We process over seven thousand personal samples each year, ensuring the highest quality of experience and transparency throughout. As we assist with the implementation of managing systems right through to analysis, we are able provide a clear, thorough, and cohesive full-service agency.

We have National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited sampling procedures for inhalable dust, welding fume, respirable dust, and airborne asbestos fibres. Although our laboratories and technicians are at the forefront of development and analysis, we do not hesitate to contact other specialised laboratories to assist us in processing samples outside our NATA accreditation scope. We have close relationships with many laboratories throughout Australia, allowing for swift communication, and an accurate, streamlined delivery.

Our GRS software provides a platform for streamlined internal processes that allow our clients to access their data in real-time, and remove the need to duplicate sampling information. GRS data can be uploaded into other commercial software platforms such as Medgate®, SAP®, and Cintellate®.

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