Make risk based decisions that meet your due diligence obligations with the WHS Risk Register

In the past, a WHS Risk Register has often been an add-on to the risk management component of a company’s WHS Management System (WHSMS). But a key component of the WHSMS is that the system is commensurate with the size and scope of the company operations, and that risk management underpins the procedures and processes in place.

GCG has experienced success in developing (or reviewing existing) WHS Risk Registers prior to development (or review of) WHSMSs. This process ensures that risks that company people are exposed to are critically reviewed and evaluated, with controls at the higher end of the hierarchy of control (HOC) able to be investigated – rather than commonly-used procedural (administrative) controls. It also allows for a clear picture of the operational risks of a company (or area) to be documented, meaning that persons in control are able to make decisions based on their WHS due diligence obligations and their company short, mid and long terms goals (e.g. for any potential capital expenditure on controls).

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