Dual Focus – The Health Risk Assessment and Task Analysis Project

Solutions Through a Balanced Approach

The Challenge

One of our long term clients in the aerospace industry recently implemented a new and improved health program. As the company has over one-thousand employees, the scale and complexity of the program is considerable and requires careful planning and foresight.

The Solution

Utilising our skills and experience in occupational hygiene and ergonomics, we work with the client to design a project which meets their needs.

Key tasks are identified for each exposure group and a detailed task analysis is performed using an iPad app specifically created for the project – built by our Brisbane based GCG Consultant, Adam O’Malley. During the task analysis, a detailed assessment (similar to a health risk assessment) is completed.

The solution results in the workplace receiving a qualitative report outlining key risks – and the roles and tasks to which they are attributed. This assists the client in understanding the occupational hygiene monitoring that needs to occur, and risks relating to hazardous manual tasks and hazardous chemicals.

The outcome is a complete Job Dictionary showing the ergonomic body heat mapping, the analysed key tasks, and other key ergonomic data. This information provides valuable input into the fit for work program, and allows the client to prioritise health and safety solutions to those in the workforce who need it most.

Saving time, costs, and effort across the board, the project is currently being rolled out across Australia and New Zealand.

Insurance and Building Remediation

Working with insurance and building companies involved in damaged structure claims can add complexity to an already challenging environment. Following a natural disaster in a remote location we are engaged to undertake assessment of a facility to determine the level of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) contamination and the subsequent level of risk.

Asbestos Containing Materials in Fires

An Australian Defence Force department building is extensively damaged in a fire requiring urgent remediation. We are contacted by the ADF and asked to promptly respond to the their needs, and to complete an asbestos survey and assessment report outlining the key remediation risks.

Multi-Building Removal and Demolition

A multi-national packaging company required assistance on a large scale asbestos removal and demolition project.

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