Asbestos Containing Materials in Fires

Besting Asbestos

The Challenge

An Australian Defence Force department building was extensively damaged in a fire and needed an urgent remediation. We were contacted by the ADF to complete an asbestos survey and assessment report outlining the key remediation risks.

As the building continued to deteriorate as a result of the fire, we were presented with new hazards due to a decrease in the building’s structural stability. Assessment of hazardous materials within fire damaged properties are problematic and therefore require additional levels of safety controls. The goal was to complete the assessments swiftly, so our client could take necessary actions without further delay – which might lead to increased overall remediation costs and affect stakeholders involved.

The Solution

Our team successfully surveyed the property for hazardous materials (including asbestos and lead). The outcomes from the assessment were summarised within detailed reports, enabling our client to consult the findings when developing the remediation plan.

Due to the prompt survey response and assessment findings, our client was able to execute the project in a safe and efficient manner.

Hunter Valley Operations: 
Using Real-Time Monitoring to Control Dust Exposure

One of our open-cut mining clients utilised realtime monitoring to provide more detailed analysis of the levels of dust when workers conducted specific tasks, such as buffing heavy vehicle tyre rims.

Managing Chemical Risk in a Large Organisation

Evaluating the Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Australia

One of Australia’s primary health and safety Regulators were required to conduct a detailed review of the current guidance material available relating to the storage of hazardous chemicals. The goal was to determine if the current guidelines were adequate and practical to support the Australian Industry.

Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods – Simplifying the situation

One of Australia's largest Rail Operator needed assistance in understanding the cause of recurring unsatisfactory results ensuing from their hazardous chemical and dangerous goods assurance activities.

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