About Health and Hygiene Management Plan

A Health and Hygiene Management Plan (HHMP) (replaced Risk-Based Hygiene Management Plan (RBHMP)) outlines the management of key occupational health hazards present during operation. It is a requirement for mining and exploration companies to have an HHMP in order to comply with the requirements of the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA DMIRS).

As per the released guidelines, the plan provides a holistic lifecycle management system of health hazards. GCG has been contributing to the process as a member of the Steering Committee providing industry support and guidance to WA DMIRS.

If you are a company operating in Western Australian resources sector, there is a requirement to have an HHMP in place and acknowledged by DMIRS. Furthermore, operations are required to undertake and submit annual reviews of the HHMP and supporting Health Risk Assessment and Exposure Monitoring Plans.

The legislative requirement to develop an HHMP is specific to Western Australia operations, however, the structured approach which the process drives is applicable to a safety management system for any industry or region.

Assurance at mining and exploration sites

A structured health and hygiene management plan is necessary to ensure the site has the capability to self-manage exposure risks through its implementation.

HHMPs will be built based on WA DMIRS HHMP guidelines:

  • Establish goals for the plan
  • Characterise the workplace
  • Exposure assessment
  • Develop a result-oriented strategy
  • Health hazard control
  • Monitor, reassessment, and review
  • Control planning

HHMPs should be completed and prepared based on the appropriate knowledge of potentially hazardous risks.

Download your free HHMP checklist (Characterise your workplace)

Services we provide

Some HHMP related services we regularly undertake include:

  • HHMP Review
  • Walk-through Health Hazard Survey
  • HHMP Review and Development
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Statistical Analysis of Monitoring Data
  • Occupational Monitoring Program Design (Including Sampling Plans)
  • Annual Health Hygiene Assessment Report

GCG has successfully developed and submitted many of the first HHMP’s to be acknowledged by DMIRS since the change was put in place.

If the service you require is not listed, feel free to send your queries or contact us at 1300 424 474.

Why choose GCG?

From a business perspective, GCG recognises the emphasis to run business operations smoothly to ensure companies benefit from continued operations and profit gain. A lack of both safety and hygiene planning at the workplace can ensue challenges around the workflow and possibly allow long-term health effects at your company.

This is why the Consultants at GCG take pride in producing quality yet effective work to ensure clients hold a clear advantage – to commence operations as per usual and to keep the issue contained and/or eliminated. The main part of the job is to figure out the clients’ requirements based on size, scope, location, and budget to fully understand what is expected.

GCG’s hygiene consultants are professionals in the industry who are certified with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH)

Download your free HHMP checklist (Characterise your workplace)

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