Exposi is the world’s first exposure control software built for real-time data

Exposi Intelligent Exposure Control


Exposi allows you to upload and integrate real-time data and video from your personal exposure monitors and wearable cameras to see and pinpoint exposures task-by-task in real-time, so you can make better and faster same-day control decisions to reduce workers’ exposure and risk.

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Exposi Intelligent Exposure Control


With Exposi’s intuitive dashboards and one-click reporting, you can easily share the results of real-time monitoring and exposure control analysis with anyone with clarity, speed and certainty.

Features like side-by-side real-time monitoring and video playback mean you can compare pre and post-control impacts, A/B test control alternatives and see the effect of your control experiments, giving you the power to make informed control decisions in real-time.

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Exposi Intelligent Exposure Control


Exposi centralises your worker exposures control management providing a single place to catalogue and manage the results and impacts of all your control activity.

With every exposure assessment, control experiment and exposure control you evaluate, Exposi is building your databank of exposure control intelligence and storing it in a safe, central location. You can instantly call on this intelligence via intuitive dashboards to make smarter, faster control decisions across multiple sites, company-wide.

Exposi lets you move your exposure monitoring and control management to real-time with confidence and certainty.

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How does Exposi add value beyond traditional dust monitoring?

While traditional personal exposure monitoring methods are accurate and scientifically sound, they lack the ability to pinpoint the specific cause of exposure.

This leaves the potential for dangerous, short-term ‘peaks’ in harmful exposure to go unseen. Real-time monitoring overcomes this by providing visibility into what is happening during a task, or even over the course of an entire shift.

Exposi real-time powered exposure control management
Traditional Monitoring
Monitor for respirable dust
Full shift worker exposure visibility
Short duration worker exposure visibility
Identify peak task exposures
Same-day results and one-click reporting
DIY, no specialist required
Video playback of exposures
Side-by-side pre/post control video comparison
Share video snippets and results with anyone
Library of exposures and controls in one place
Draw on your control intelligence databank
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Case Studies


Case Study: Hunter Valley Operations

GCG worked with Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) coal mine, a joint venture between Yancoal and Glencore, to investigate the exposure risk for workers undertaking specific tasks to reduce exposure to respirable dust further.


“GCG’s realtime technology has proven to be greatly beneficial in onsite risk mitigation for Respirable Crystalline Silica, and has proven to be a great resource for assessment/validation of onsite controls. The data gathered has also proven to be an effective resource for educating workers around hazards onsite, and has encouraged a behavioural shift in high risk work groups.”

Nick Dennis

– Sustainability & Planning Lead, Hanson Concrete

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Need to know more about the Exposi App?

Exposi was purposely developed to step you through the process of deploying real-time monitoring without expert guidance – it’s all been built in for you by the world’s leading experts in real-time exposure monitoring.

To get started, book a session with one of our team. During this initial session, we’ll gain an understanding of your requirements and demo Exposi for you.

From there we’ll provide you with a quote and, once accepted, you’ll have access to your own Exposi portal, as well as a guided onboarding process to ensure you’re up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Exposi comes preloaded with an intuitive self-help onboarding program to support your set-up and ongoing management of real-time exposure monitoring and control management.

In addition, Exposi comes with device-specific training for popular real-time/direct reading instruments to ensure deployment is as easy as possible for your workforce.

A dedicated team is available for App support. Upon request, Exposi also has a team of qualified hygienists that may be contacted for any technical advice and support.

Yes, Exposi is a device-agnostic platform which means you can use your own hardware. Exposi can take all time series outputs.

Traditional monitoring may have a regulatory requirement specific for your region and/or industry. You must check your own requirements before deciding.

Exposi was built to remove blindspots and pinpoint harmful exposures that you can’t see with traditional monitoring. Existing users of Exposi are using the App with a range of intentions, including; complimenting traditional dust monitoring programs, fast-tracking controls to manage the risk and in turn minimise/eliminate traditional monitoring requirements, or to replace traditional monitoring with Exposi.

While traditional dust monitoring methods are accurate and scientifically sound, they produce only 1 average result over a typical shift. This limitation makes it difficult to pinpoint specific causes at the task level, with harmful exposures going unseen.

Real-time monitoring overcomes this by providing second-by-second visibility into what’s happening at all times throughout a task/shift.

No, Exposi is a web-based application. Almost any real-time monitoring hardware and wearable camera can be used, and our experts can assist you in device selection, should you wish.

Yes, while Exposi is optimised for integrating on-person video with real-time data, some people don’t wish or need to use video. Integrating video is an option for best practice exposure and control visualisation.

Almost anyone. Exposi has been developed with the workforce in mind.

It can be used by front-line workers, supervisors, HSE professionals, hygienists and corporate personnel. Exposi is a simple-to-use web-based app with intuitive dashboards and one-click reporting. It is fully supported with online assistance and tailored training for each type of user.

Exposi pricing is based on factors like the number of workers within a company. We’ll be able to provide you with a quote once we understand your requirements. Feel free to contact an Exposi consultant to find a plan that works for you.

Yes, we offer a managed solution for companies located within Australia. A GCG Partner may be available within your region – please contact us to discuss potential options.

Reporting out of Exposi is easy and available at the click of a button, including real-time data reports, pre and post-exposure control reports and control variant (A/B test) analysis reports, to name just a few.

There is no need to share a large video file, Exposi allows you to share a secure, password-protected web link to your video exposure measurement. This allows you to remain in control of who can access those videos at all times.

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