Data management system that provides efficient access to your exposure monitoring data

GRS allows clients to create monitoring data reports using queries (e.g. locations, SEGs and individuals) and produce charts for management and workgroup presentations. GRS also has the ability to help clients manage monitoring equipment through the online equipment register. We believe timely access to this information is crucial to the effective management of occupational exposures and helping our clients keep their people safe. GRS has been designed to provide data in a form that can be uploaded into other commercial software platforms such as Medgate(R), SAP(R) and Cintellate(R). GRS currently delvers two key things for GCG and our clients:
  • reduce time (and cost) to enter data into our system relating to exposure monitoring activities
  • provide you with a quality report in a timely manner
We will continue to refine and improve GRS based on our client needs and feedback and we welcome any ideas or suggestions that will improve the user experience.

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