Every action carries risk, but some of us are more attuned to recognising this than others.

If you’re one of them, we’d like to meet you. Because working in occupational health and safety with GCG as a safety consultant is undoubtedly a decision that will lead to genuine career satisfaction.

Working to make a difference.

There’s no denying that the jobs we choose reflect something deeper in our character. Our chosen vocation will change the course of our life, the people we meet and the opportunities afforded to us. Perhaps you have a background in OHS and are looking for new horizons. Or, you’ve enjoyed a career in construction, mining, aviation or defence and need a new home for your very particular set of skills.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: what meaningful work? One concept is, that to be fulfilling, any job needs to meet at least one of the six core human needs:

● Certainty

● Variety

● Significance

● Connection

● Growth

● Contribution

This list was originally produced by Anthony Robbins, following years of studying human behavior, motivation, and development. The good news is, working with GCG delivers on all of these core needs; just one reason which makes us an employer of choice.


Certainty is safety, and that’s our business. As a leader in the occupational health and safety industry, with a mature business structure, our processes allow for consultants to deliver exacting service and success with ease. Add to this our bespoke SAP system and in-house developed apps, and you’ll have a solid framework to excel in this role.


In a given day, you may find yourself travelling to a new location, or delivering advice within a changing organisation. A GCG safety consultant champs at the bit for new challenges. We love nothing more than using diagnostic reasoning and lateral thinking to devise new solutions. With offices around Australia, there’s always an opportunity to utilise your experience in technical science and complex problem-solving. Significance We may not look like superheroes, but a safety consultant is crucial to any organisation because we actually save lives. Thoughtful consideration of possible dangers, along with implementing solutions to mitigate those risks, means every employee has you to thank when arriving home to their loved ones in one piece.


Teamwork and communication are at the core of our operations. GCG safety consultants work across a variety of industries, helping institute and monitor safety systems with people from vastly different backgrounds. We have to be social to do the job right. Within the workplace, the structure of the company means no one is off limits for discussing the next perfect safety solution.

“Never have I worked in a team that collaborates and communicates on such an open and friendly manner; nothing seems impossible.” – Katherine Joyce, Occupational Hygiene Consultant


A career with GCG as a safety consultant delivers so many opportunities for growth. Learning about diverse industries, interrelations, and personalities is an ideal catalyst for personal development. As we move from the known into the unknown, with new challenges, we grow richer in knowledge for our next project or position.


This is where the transformation within ourselves, is carried out through making a difference for those around us. Our team members recognise that the work we focus on every day makes the world a safer place. It’s this contribution to something over and above oneself that leaves a feeling that work is meaningful, rewarding, and worthwhile.

“When the systematic elimination of hazards are being observed it really gives me satisfaction in my work. I then know that I am contributing to the health and safety of the workers, which is my real passion.” – Hannes Steyn, Occupational Hygiene Consultant

Interested in becoming a core part of our team? If working with GCG in a safety consultant position sounds like your dream job, we urge you to contact us for more information. Email hr@gcg.net.au or search relevant position listings via our Seek page.

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