For those who are headed towards getting your foot in the industry, you’re well aware it is no easy feat landing a job interview. Some had it easy, while others had to wait for the right opportunity to knock on their door.

Most exciting part of my job would be the diversity in the work I do. Everyday is different, every week I’m somewhere else… everything’s a challenge.”

– Adam O’ Malley, GCG WHS Consultant

Fortunately, through networking sessions, we’ve met some zealous graduates who have made their mark at GCG and are here for the long run. They’re passionate about what they do and continually redefine their fascination towards Health and Safety through our clients’ businesses based on industries they’re eager to help. That’s the beauty of working in Health and Safety – its application is essential to all businesses regardless of its size and trade, no two days are the same!

That’s what special about it. You don’t get locked into one area for the rest of your life.

– Kevin Seeger, GCG WHS Consultant

Watch Kevin and Adam, GCG’s WHS Consultants, recount on their personal experiences and why they love what they do.

Watch Kevin’s experience:

Watch Adam’s experience:

We continuously provide work experience for students and graduates, many of whom go on to become long term team members at GCG. We believe it is meaningful yet relevant to give back; to nurture like-minded young safety professionals who are eager to help our clients the same way we do.

I derive the most satisfaction from finding solutions to problems that actually help people.

Kevin Seeger, Occupational Hygiene Consultant


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Tech in Occupational Hygiene – Finding the Source of Exposure

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Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene – Queensland Training Course

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Managing Respirable Crystalline Silica in Mineral Mines and Quarries

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines released a guideline in August 2017 for the management of Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) in Queensland Mineral Mines and Quarries  (QGL02 – Guideline for Management of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Queensland Mineral Mines and Quarries). RCS occurs naturally and is a basic component of soil, sand & granite. A significant amount of silica is present in most rocks, clays,…

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