What is it?

A risk-based hygiene management plan (RBHMP) outlines the main health hazards that could occur during an operation. It is a requirement for mining and exploration companies to have an RBHMP in order to obtain registration with the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP). The intended goal of RBHMP is to prevent any harm to any persons directly involved with hazardous activities.

Services we provide

Some RBHMP related services we regularly undertake include:

  • RBHMP Planning Workshop
  • RBHMP Advice
  • RBHMP Development
  • RBHMP Implementation

If the service you require is not listed, feel free to send your queries or contact us at 1300 424 474.

Assurance at mining and exploration sites

Experts have identified hygiene management as a fundamental building block for all businesses. There is no doubt mining safety has improved over the years, yet, extra precautions should be exercised and implemented to prevent fatalities due to the hazardous nature of a mining site. The causes of an accident are numerous and can be from poisonous/explosive gases, dust explosions, collapsing mine shafts, mine blasting, etc… Precedents clearly indicate an incorrect health and hygiene management often the precursor to serious workplace hazards. A structured hygiene management plan is necessary to ensure the site has the capability to self-manage exposure risks through the implementation of RBHMP.

RBHMPs will be built based on WA DMP’s RBHMP guidelines:

  • Establish goals for the plan
  • Characterise the workplace
  • Exposure assessment
  • Develop a results strategy
  • Health hazard control
  • Monitor, Reassessment and Review

RBHMPs should be completed and prepared based on the appropriate knowledge of potentially hazardous risks.

Download your free RBHMP checklist (Characterise your workplace)



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