Understand your noise sources and control exposure

We can come to your business or operation and conduct an occupational noise survey in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard 1269.1: Measurement and assessment of noise emission and exposure.

We will request the following items to ensure an effective and timely noise survey:

  • A list of all equipment including tools
  • A list of occupations and numbers
  • Layout maps

As an outcome we will provide an occupational noise report for outlining:

  • List of identified noise sources including Peak and Octave Band results;
  • Detailed occupational noise exposure levels by task and noise source;
  • Review of hearing protective devices in accordance with AS1269;
  • Review of hearing protection signage including condition and location;
  • Provide recommendation on noise control advice aimed towards reducing occupational exposure levels.
  • Note: Generic noise control advice will be provided; however, it should be noted that should detailed noise control advice be required (inclusive of cost; estimated noise reduction values etc.), additional scope including engineering study would be required.
  • General guidance on audiometric surveillance and testing requirements based on identified ‘at-risk’ occupations.

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