RTM App with Realtime Technology

Intelligent Exposure Control Management

√ Validate Controls | √ A/B test controls | √ Uncover unseen control needs

The RTM App with GCG’s RTM Realtime Technology helps you make intelligent control decisions with speed and certainty. The RTM App gives you the power to remove blind spots with real-time visibility to uncover potentially unseen exposures.

Using real-time data collection, analysis and reporting via integrated on-person video and exposure monitoring, you can rapidly validate existing controls, A/B test control variants and uncover previously unseen control needs that require you to act fast.


Close the loop with intelligent exposure controls reporting

The RTM App closes the loop on exposure monitoring by delivering users a complete system for real-time visual exposure capture, analysis and reporting at the task level.

Intelligent Exposure Controls Management

Instantly visualise exposures and validate, A/B test or implement new controls. See the impact of controls task-by-task and by control via purpose-built intuitive dashboards designed to be understood by everyone.
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Complement Gravimetric Testing

RTM Realtime Technology is the perfect next-generation complement to traditional gravimetric exposure monitoring, allowing you to visualise task-level exposures and design and test control outcomes with confidence and speed.

The RTM App with real-time monitoring technology removes exposure monitoring blindspots by combining real-time task video capture with on-person monitoring to deliver advanced analytics and reporting so you can test, trial and implement intelligent exposure control decisions.

With the RTM App you can make timely, intelligent exposure control decisions to keep your people safe from exposure to harmful particulates.

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