About Real-time Dust Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring now allows GCG to provide clients with timely, highly accurate dust measurements in the moment. This improved delivery of monitoring information gives the workplace an ability to make quick and informed decisions on dust exposure, control and management. GCG are leaders in Real-time dust monitoring and have a wealth of experience and expertise over recent years across a variety of industries.

Real-time Monitoring is best paired with video capture software which allows the client to observe the correlations in the video and the data side by side.



Along with providing an accurate measurement of the dust concentration, the output can also become a powerful training tool to educate workers on dust exposure.

GCG regularly undertake Real-Time Monitoring for:

  • Respirable Crystalline Silica
  • Respirable Coal Dust
  • Respirable Dust (General)
  • Diesel Particulate Matter
  • Gases and Vapours
  • Heavy Metals

Services we provide

  • Task assessments using Real-time Monitors and the CDC’s  Evade Video Software
  • Control Effectiveness Review – using Real-time Monitoring to assess how well dust controls are working
  • Fixed point Real-time Monitoring for hazardous areas – Long-term installation and management
  • Fixed point Real-time Monitoring for hazardous areas – Short-term Dust Study
  • Statistical Review of Real-time Monitoring undertaken directly by our clients
  • Data management of Real-time Monitoring undertaken directly by our clients
  • Visual Dust Control Training for Workers using video findings and Real-Time Monitoring data.

Benefits of working with GCG

The GCG team started using Real-Time Monitoring as early adopters some years ago, exploring it’s potential and how it fits in the picture with traditional monitoring. Thanks to this early adoption process, the team has been able to build experience in the most effective ways to deploy Real-Time Monitoring to benefit our clients. All Real-Time Monitoring work occurs in accordance with our processes for the application of Real-Time Monitors which fits into our NATA Accredited Quality Management System.

As the leaders in deploying Real-Time Monitoring into your workplace we are capable of:

  • Providing practical advice and guidance based on the client’s needs
  • Deploying our extensive team of qualified consultants experienced in deploying Real-Time Monitoring
  • Reduced formal reporting timeframe due to Real-time findings
  • Supporting the workplace with engineering controls i.e. Ventilation Modelling
  • Providing in-house lab support for deeper analysis

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