Helping You Identify Hazards

When providing monitoring for your business, we seek real, practical outcomes which encourage collaborative and successful results. Measuring exposure, compliance, and performance is an important aspect of understanding the working function of any WHS system.

Exposure monitoring:
There is an old saying, “sometimes things are best left unseen”. In exposure monitoring, we definitely don’t believe this to be the case. Using advanced equipment we take measurements of the “unseen” to determine whether hazardous elements reside in the atmosphere, or lurk deep within surfaces – this can be either fine dust, or microbes in the air-conditioning system, or asbestos fibres in the air.

Visiting your site, we are able to determine hazards that may be dangerous to your workforce and determine whether your place of business meets exposure and legislative requirements.

Inspections and audits:
We believe a second opinion is always important. We are often asked to visit workplaces to provide a different perspective and voice to the daily routines and familiarity that may cloud judgements, and prevent the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” syndrome from taking effect.

We offer a unique, energetic, and experienced service which will identify these hazards that are often left to foster in the dark.

System compliance and Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s):
System compliance is the bedrock for any successful and safely run workplace. We visit worksites to establish programs tailored to your specific business, as well as making sure existing systems are adhered to correctly. A strong systems platform will allow for a safe, transparent working environment, an educated workforce, and a hazard-proof future, allowing for the early detection of an any risks or shortcuts which may emerge.

We also assist clients in meeting Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s). Hitting business goals and targets are the impetus behind every successful venture. We can help you achieve these targets by implementing practical systems which seek and maintain meaningful KPI’s, reducing the risk of any unnecessary fines.

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