A Model for Communication, Education, and Results

Everything starts with an understanding about who you are, how you operate, the systems you have in place, and the challenges that you face. For us, understanding your business and your needs is the most effective way of establishing a clear scope and discourse prior to the commencement of a project.

Working with a model developed in-house, we navigate through four distinct processes: Discovery, Execution, Delivery, and Debrief, to tailor-make a solution which connects personally with your company and it’s people.

We consider our role a success only when we have helped deliver successful and sustainable outcomes through an open, transparent, and informative dialogue – which we believe delivers long-term benefits and close working relationships. We value integrity, and steadfastly endeavour to fulfil the project’s scope to the highest standards.

We review documentation and meet face to face with clients in our/your office, or on site, to get a feel for your operations and work environment. This helps us understand the practical application of anything we review, develop or assist you in implementing. Armed with this information we can tailor an execution plan with set deliverables, a symbiotic approach, and clear costings.

We work with stakeholders from your business to ensure communication channels are open, transparent, and available at all times. Depending on the size, scale, and expectations of the scope, we will set up a single point of contact to manage and work with you throughout the delivery of the project. We choose our resourcing for each project based on the scope, timing, level of complexity, and the deliverables.

Planning continues to be a significant contributor to our success, and we take pride in the quality of our execution.

We enjoy delivering practical solutions without burdening your business with unnecessary processes. Depending on your requirements, and the scope of the project, we are malleable and work to your schedule and location; ensuring our duties are carried out affectively (and promptly). Following a review from key stakeholders we schedule a debrief face to face, or via other means of communication most convenient for your organisation.

The debrief is an excellent opportunity to discuss the final result, receive feedback, and to clarify the project’s scope has been met – as we wish to deliver on our promises. We welcome and appreciate client’s findings and recommendations, and we enjoy the opportunity to network, or have a chat over a coffee.

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