Distance Shouldn't Be a Problem

Australia is a vast and arid continent with a large workforce spread far across remote and rural regions. Our economy is very reliant on a strong mining and energy industry, and as such, many of our clients and their employees find themselves working in isolated and remote areas

These industries must routinely manage the risks associated with isolated and remote work. This has facilitated an increase in in-vehicle monitoring, automated emergency response processes, and other highly technical methods of managing remote and isolated work.

Under harmonised law, remote and isolated work is defined as, “… work that is isolated from the assistance of other persons because of location, time or the nature of the work“. The third point is a key point – work tasks that are isolated introduce communication and emergency response issues.

We assist many non-rural or remote organisations in the manufacturing, construction, and maintenance industries with:

  • Journey Management Procedure Development.
  • Critical Response Plan Development.
  • Emergency Management.

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